Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This is the dish that makes Trinidadians go back to Trinidad year after year. This is the dish that every Trinidadian would be killed by his own family if he didn't bring it back from "home".

2lbs green mangoes
1 whole garlic
half an onion
1 WI Pepper
Anchar Massala (buy it from a West Indian store)

NOTE FROM MY WIFE: My wife says this wouldn't work, she boils the mangoes until skin soft and then the recipe is OK. I think the difference is that the recipe was based on local small mangoes not UK supermarket! Also her advice is to add a teaspoon of tamarind or lemon to give the edgy bite that a local small mango brings.

Wash and cut the green mangoes into pieces taking out the seed, which should be white and fairly soft. Mash up the garlic in a mortar and pestle. Heat 2/3tbpns of oil in a pot add 1 teaspoon of sugar and let brown. Add garlic, onion salt and pepper chopped. Add mangoes, anchar (1 tbpn) and 2 tbpsns sugar cover and cook on medium heat for 5 minutes. Uncover and add half a cup of water and cover and let steam for 5/10 minutes more. Let cool and enjoy.

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akeem said...

Was happy to find this recipe when I was describing Anchar to one of my friends. I run a food community and I would like to get more input from the carribean (or those who have been there :) ). If you're interested please contact me at akeem [at]