Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fish Cakes

There are two favourtie fish cakes I like. both the same basic recipe. One is using fresh salmon the other dried codfish soaked. Both use about 6-8 oz fish plus 2 largish potatoes (about 6-8 oz), parlsey, thyme, salt pepper and egg to bind.

Its a one pot cook the fish and potatoes (although usaulaly I make the salmon with leftovers so don't cook at all, I would tend to cook the salmon for ony 5 minutes so put in when potatoes nearly done.

Sprinkle with finaely chopped par4sley and thyme, salt and pepper and mash up with a fork until well mixed. |Let sit for a while until cold and then add well beaten egg and mix. Beat another egg in a bowl. Take some flour and using a largish spoon scoop out mixture and make small patties and coat with egg first then flour or you can use fresh breadcrumbs. Let the pattie sit for a while in the fridge to set.

Pan fry until brown on each side and serve with your choiuce, chips, salad, boiled baby new potatoes, even fried rice all work well. I have them on a bun like a burger sometimes and they are delicious.

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