Sunday, June 26, 2011

Steamed sea bass with soy and ginger

This is a classic dish and it took me a while to get what made it work. The first part is obvious, take a nice cleaned whole sea bass and cut some diagonal cuts into the flesh both sides. Lay in a plate in a steamer (I use a plate made from foil) and steam for 10 minutes. Take it out of steamer and sprinkle 1 tspn sugar and 1 good pinch of salt over fish. Then finely minced ginger and spring onions. The final bit is what seems to make that incredible sauce. Heat 2 tbspns oil in a pan until its smoking and then pour carefull along the fish. The fish will sizzle madly and the ginger and onion will lightly cook and add to the flavour of the sauce. Finally pour over 2 tbsp light soy and serve with white rice and steamed vegetables. The sauce which combines the fish stock from the steamer, plus the ginger, onion and soy is really very nice, the sugar brings out the flavours.

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