Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beef or Pork ribs Asian Style

2-3lbs ribs cut into 2 inch pieces. Garlic ginger and hot pepper, about a tbsn each finely chopped. Toasted sesame seeds (do in a dry pan until they brown) about 2 tbspns. Tbspn dark soy 2 tbspns light. 1/2 cup rice wine. 1 cup water or chicken stock hot.

fry ribs in wok until well browned adding salt and fresh black pepper. Add all ingredients stir cover and simmer for 45 minutes to 1 hour (beef may take a bit longer as they are more solid). Check water now and again and add a little if getting too low. Then add a little water and conflour (tspn) mixed to thicken and serve with thai white rice and cucumber salad (finely sliced cucumber, salt pepper and lemon juice).
There should be a sauce, thick and rich with sesame ginger and soy, but not a lot if it worked out right.
These ribs came from a book by Charmaine Solomon but I modified them a bit and they are a super tasty alternative to barbecue.

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