Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Chicken and Aubergine

Half a chicken seasoned,
One large (1lb) or two small Aubergines,
Oil, Curry powder
Half an Onion and half a WI Pepper and an inch of ginger plus 1 tspn sugar
2 Tomatoes chopped

My own experience with Aubergine, is that its an OK vegetable but one that I would not bother cooking myself. I have had it cooked several ways, including the french and Italian.

If this is your experience, be prepared for a truly remarkable use of Aubergine that will change you to an enthusiast immediately.

Heat two tablespoons of oil in a pan on high heat, and when its hot add 1 tablespoon of curry powder, ginger and garlic. Let this cook for about 30 seconds only and then add chicken slowly using a spoon. Reserve the seasoning liquid

Let fry stirring regularly for a few minutes and then cover and let cook.

After 5 minutes add half an onion, a tomato cxhopped and half a west Indian pepper chopped (no seeds) finely and tspn sugar, stir cover and continue cooking at high heat.

Peel Aubergine and cut and slice into pieces about 2 inches long by 1 inch wide by a quarter of an inch thick.

After chicken has cooked for 10 minutes put reserved liquid into pot, add aubergine on top without stirring sprinkle lightly with salt and cover and cook for another 15 minutes turning heat down to medium.

Then uncover and reduce for another 5 minutes or so until the mixture has virtually no liquid.

The aubergine will have fallen almost completely.
Serve with white rice and salad.

add some small potatoes about ten minuets befor it finishes
Some people add a tomato cut up at the same time as the aubergine

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