Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pak Choy with Garlic Sauce

3-4 heads of pak choy, washed and choped into 1 inch pieces
tspn ginger chopped fine
tablespoon garlic chopped fine
tablespoon onion chopped fine

cup containing
half cup water
half cup light soy
tsp corn flour
tspn salt
tspn ground pepper
tsp oyster sauce

Put wok or frying pan whith a cover available on high heat with tbspn of oil
when hot fry quickly the ginger, garlic and onions (1-2 minutes)
add pak choy, stir and cover, turn down heat a little and cook pak choy for about 3-5 minutes maximum shaking occasionally until the green leaves look a little wilted

turn heat low, push pak choy to one side and add liquid from cup let it wamr through and go transparent then mix into pak choy to coat and serve hot.

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